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Style 1
Do you run a small business? Do you have a web-site to promote your business?
If not, why not? Click on Style 1 or Style 2 to learn how you could have one for negligible cost!
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Web Page With Frames
Style 2

What is on offer is not a virtual shopping experience but a basic web site service aimed at a small business or a cottage industry that wants to get its message over at minimal cost. For an example of a Style 1 site, where all the information uses one window, have a look at:, or To view an example of a Style 2 site where the information uses two or more separate windows, or "frames", have a look at: which has three, or at, and, each of which has two.

Website with shopping facilitiesIf you need a more complicated site, perhaps with online shopping facilities (such as the site on the right), then this can be done though bear in mind that there would be a lot more work making the setting-up of the site a lot more expensive.

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