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The Churches

Otterham Church
St Denis Church, Otterham.

St Denis Church is thought to be of Norman origin. It has a massive octagonal granite font with a Norman base and the arch into the nave rests on Norman Imposts. The Church has had a somewhat chequered history, at one time being in a very bad state of disrepair with all the windows missing and farm animals sheltering inside. A large-scale restoration in 1889 and 1890 part-rebuilt the outer walls of the south aisle, nave, chancel and south porch whilst the roof was replaced and the whole inside refurnished. Inside the Church is hung a list of Vicars, starting in 1278.
In 1927 the Church joined with Warbstow, then in 1940 with Davidstow. Since 1974 the Church has been one of the Boscastle group of Churches that also includes Davidstow, Forrabury, St Juliot, Lesnewth, Minster and Trevalga.

St Juliot Church
St Juliot Church.

St Juliot Church, also known as St Julitta, is older than St Denis Church with parts dating back to Saxon times. As with Otterham, the Church was in a very dilapidated condition by the nineteenth century. In the 1860s funds were raised to restore the Church with the architect overseeing the restoration one Thomas Hardy, later to become the famous poet and author. Whilst staying in the Rectory he fell in love with Emma Gifford, the Rector's sister-in-law, whom he subsequently married. To commemorate the new millenium an engraved window in the Church was dedicated to him in 2003, though this poses a monumental challenge to photographers!
As with Otterham, St Juliot is now a part of the Boscastle group of Churches with the Rectory privately owned - though as a thriving B&B where Hardy fans can stay in the room he occupied during the renovations.

Thomas Hardy Window
The engraved window dedicated to Thomas Hardy.

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Church photographs © Peter Richards
Window photograph © Peter Rushforth of the Thomas Hardy Society

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